There are many bodies of water and rivers that are part of our continent's geography. Because of this, the United States has access to numerous and varied bodies of water. These water features support interaction among regions, form borders, and create links to other areas.


(Source: http://nationalatlas.gov/printable/images/pdf/outline/rivers_lakes.pdf)

Read these study maps to review the facts you will learn in this unit.

USI 2c Bodies of Water Water
USI 2c Trade, Transportation, Settlement Water Interaction

Unit Vocabulary: Read the definitions for this unit's vocabulary. Then copy them into your notebook.

Settlers: Someone who comes to live in a new place, especially a place that is unpopulated or populated by people of a different race or civilization

Immigrants: Someone who has come to a country and settled there

“Gateway to the West”: A means of access to the west; A way of getting to the west

Ports: A city, town, or other place where ships load and unload. There were many inland ports in the Midwest along the banks of the Great Lakes (Detroit, Michigan, Chicago, and Illinois)

Study this map of the major bodies of water that you will learn about and will be able to locate on a blank map.


Number your paper from 1 to 4. Name the rivers numbered on the map below. Your teacher might give you a copy of the map to write on.


Which important rivers are NOT numbered on this map?

Where should they be named or located on the map?

If you have a copy of the map, write the names of the gulf, oceans, and Great Lakes on your map.

Trade, Transportation, Exploration, and Settlement Guided Notes: Copy the sentences into your notebook. Follow your teacher's directions to fill in the blanks.


Map of the U. S. and Questions: Use the map shown below to answer the questions that follow it. Copy the questions and your answers into your notebook. If your teacher gives you your own copy of the map and the questions, glue that paper into your notebook when you are finished.


Games: Play the games by clicking on the links. Practice your knowledge of the important U. S. waterways and bodies of water.

1. Waterways Column Match Columns
2. Regions & Waterways Jeopardy Game Jeopardy
3. Regions & Waterways Word Scramble Scramble
4. U. S. Rivers Pop-up Rivers
5. U. S. Rivers Match Match
6. U. S. Rivers Concentration Concentrate
7. Crossword Puzzle Puzzle
8. Bodies of Water Pop-up Water Pop-up
9. Review the map exercise showing land regions and waterways. More map fun!